At Crystal Clean Duct Service, a Wine Energy company, our mission is to improve the air quality in your home and your business.

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Since its founding in the early 1960’s, Wine Energy has been dedicated to meeting our customer’s fueling and HVAC needs. When he joined the HVAC department in 1992, Michael Wine noticed that many of our customers had poor air quality in their homes. He decided to form Crystal Clean Duct Service to help improve the comfort and health of our customers. Since that early vision, Crystal Clean Duct Service has expanded from servicing single family homes to large apartment buildings and corporate office parks. We now offer our trademark brand of high quality service to over 2500 residential and commercial clients.

Crystal Clean Duct Service is a member of the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) and we pride ourselves on providing quality work guided by the principles set in the NADCA Standard for Assessment, Cleaning & Restoration of HVAC Systems. All Crystal Clean technicians are NADCA certified professionals with both Air Systems Cleaning Specialist and Ventilation System Mold Remediator credentials.

Who Are We

Our President – Michael Wine The founder of Crystal Clean Duct Service began working in the heating and air conditioning business as a child when going to jobs with his grandfather, the founder of Wine Energy. Upon graduation from high school, Michael began working full time as an HVAC technician. When he took over the Wine Energy HVAC department in 1992 his realization that indoor air quality was becoming an issue for our current customers inspired his decision to found a separate company division dedicated to improving the air quality in our customer’s homes and businesses.

In addition to his NADCA certification, Michael is a fully licensed Class A Contractor with a Mechanical Tradesman’s License for HVAC. He brings 22 years of expertise and experience in the HVAC field to every job taken on by Crystal Clean Duct Service.

Our Equipment

Crystal Clean Duct Service uses the most powerful and efficient equipment in the industry. It is designed and built to clean your ENTIRE duct system completely and efficiently. Our American CaddyVac Ford F-650 features a Northern Blower vacuum system capable of processing over 10,000 cubic feet per minute of suctioned air. Our truck also sports a Quincy 370 compressor which uses 30 horsepower to generate 250 PSI of cleaning pressure to blast away even the most impervious dust and debris at 60-70 cubic feet per minute.

The difference between a duct cleaning job done with a full-power vacuum truck versus a job done by an underpowered portable system is enormous. Contractors using inadequate vacuum collection systems and hurried cleaning procedures can cause more problems than they solve. According to the EPA these substandard jobs can release more dust, dirt, and other contaminants into the air than simply leaving the ducts alone.

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“My husband and I are thrilled with the job Crystal Clean just completed at our home! Our ducts are sparkling clean and the professionalism was beyond wonderful. If anyone reading this status needs a reference and wishes to have their duct work cleaned, I can personally highly recommend a CRYSTAL CLEAN DUCT SERVICE! Also, they do a fine job cleaning dryer vents. Absolute 5 star service and the price is very reasonable! They are using state of the art equipment and we are so happy we called Crystal Clean!”

–Angela Welker Gill